CBD Signage and Building Design Policy

The CBD Signage and Building Design Policy, adopted at Council's meeting on 10 April 2019, seeks to improve the appearance of Levin’s town centre and enhance people’s experience of being there by reducing visual clutter caused by excessive and unnecessary signage, improving the design and style of signage, and to improve the visual appeal and amenity of shop fronts in Levin’s CBD.

Through the public engagement process on the Transforming Taitoko/Levin Town Centre Strategy, both business owners and the wider community expressed a view that some buildings and verandahs in the Levin town centre have become ‘tired’ and run down. This policy and associated fund was prepared in response to this feedback.

Objectives of the policy

The policy is intended to guide business and building owners towards design outcomes that will improve the pedestrian experience and enhance the connection between the footpath and shops.

While compliance isn’t compulsory, Horowhenua District Council is trialling a fund to assist those who want to upgrade their buildings and signage in accordance with the policy. More information about the fund can be viewed on our CBD Amenity Improvement Fund page.

Please be aware that all alterations to the building frontage and signage must also comply with the Horowhenua District Plan.

Horowhenua District Council CBD Signage and Building Design Policy(PDF, 197KB)