Roads & Footpaths

Our growing population is increasing pressure on the roading network in Horowhenua – especially on the State Highway network.

While Horowhenua District Council has an advocacy role regarding SH1, SH56 and SH57, these are owned and managed by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) – you can find out more about the NZTA’s plans on the NZTA website.

Locally, Council manages 506km of sealed roads and 60km of unsealed roads. We have more than 4,000 road signs, 71 bridges, 690 culverts and numerous sumps, and more than 3,000 LED streetlights. There are also 210km of footpaths and a small but growing number of shared pathways.

In all, we spend almost $9 million a year on roads and footpaths, and this is predicted to rise to almost $12 million by 2028. It is a significant part of the total annual Council budget. However, Council only funds part of the work, NZTA funds 59% of roading asset management work.