Dog Control Policy

Horowhenua District Council reviewed its Dog Control Policy in July 2015.  The final policy was adopted by Council at its meeting on Wednesday, 5 August 2015 and takes effect from 6 August 2015.

This Policy aims to be a practical framework which makes better provision for the care and control of dogs throughout the District whilst minimising any danger, distress or nuisance to the community, with the full explanation and details contained in the Dog Control Bylaw 2015.

Objectives of the Policy

Horowhenua District Council's objective is to encourage responsible dog ownership that allows owners to enjoy their dogs without infringing on the enjoyment and safety of others.  Good dog owners should:

  • Register their dogs and make sure they wear a current registration tag;
  • Keep their dogs under control;
  • Provide their dogs with care and attention;
  • Provide their dogs with proper and sufficient food, water, shelter, and exercise;
  • Not let their dogs be a nuisance to others;
  • Make sure their dogs do not injure, endanger, intimidate or distress any person or other animal or damage property;
  • Comply with the Act, any regulations and the Dog Control Bylaw.

Dog Control Policy 2015(PDF, 109KB)