Foxton Futures

Foxton Futures - MAnawatu River Loop Rejuvenation.

Foxton — Welcoming by nature

With more people calling our district home, more people are also hearing about what our great district has to offer.

The projects and plans are aimed at improving the environment and tourism ability of Foxton and Foxton Beach.

Manawatū River Loop

The Manawatū River Loop project includes the removal of silt from the River Loop, stabilisation of the river bank and landscaping of the park.

Foxton Futures Manawatū River Loop

Foxton Futures Destination Management Plan

We’ve created a destination management plan for Foxton and an implementation plan that shows how Council and partners are working to make the plan a reality.

'Foxton Futures' Implementation Plan(PDF, 3MB)

Foxton Freshwater Improvement Project

Council is seeking funding for a project to improve the quality of water in the Manawatū River Loop at Foxton and in the Manawatū Estuary, via six interconnected initiatives. The most significant of these initiatives is to return the flow from the main stem of the Manawatū River to the Manawatū River Loop at Foxton.

Brief Summary of the Foxton Freshwater Improvement Application(PDF, 2MB)