Local Alcohol Policy (LAP)

Council adopted the Local Alcohol Policy (LAP) at its meeting on 12 August 2020.

The LAP comes into force on 1 September, except for the provisions that affect maximum trading hours for licenced premises, which take effect on 1 December after three months’ notice, in accordance with the requirements of the Act.

The LAP shortens trading hours for on-licences, such as bars and restaurants, to between 9am and 1am the following day. For off-licences, trading hours will be shortened to between 7am and 10:15pm for supermarkets and grocery stores, and between 7am and 10pm for other off-licenced premises, such as bottle stores. The default hours under the Act, are 8am to 4am for on-licences and 7am to 11pm for off-licences.

The Local Alcohol Policy brings stricter controls on sale and supply of alcohol in the Horowhenua District and provides local guidance to Council's District Licensing Committee (DLC) in deciding whether to issue or renew a licence.

Objectives of the Policy

The objectives of the LAP are to provide a policy which:

  • reflects the views of local communities as to the appropriate location, number, hours and conditions that should apply to licensed premises within their communities;
  • provides certainty and clarity for applicants and the public as to whether a proposed license application will meet the criteria of the LAP;
  • provides effective guidance for the decisions of the DLC and the Alcohol Regulatory Licensing Authority (ARLA).

Horowhenua District Council Local Alcohol Policy (LAP)(PDF, 228KB)

Policy Review

Council must review its LAP using the Special Consultative Procedure no later than six (6) years after it comes into force and no later than six (6) years after the most recent review of it was completed. The first review is to be carried out within two (2) years of the operative date of this policy.