Engineering Plan Approval Process

In addition to resource consent and building consent, some development projects need engineering plan approvals, when the development involve installing a new public infrastructure such as: stormwater and wastewater drainage, roads, shared driveways and common accessways.

To design and supervise the work, you will need a NZ Chartered Professional Engineer or Registered Engineering Associate with experience in land development and infrastructure.



Step 1.Check your details

Before you begin...

This application must be associated with a resource consent

  • Please ensure you have read your conditions of consent
  • Please ensure the plans you are about to provide comply with your resource consent requirements
  • Please refer to Sec 1.8 of NZS 4404:2010 & Schedule 1 Sec 16.1 to Sec 16.6 of the SDPR, for engineering plan approval requirements
  • This application will incur a non-refundable deposit of $1700.00

Before you begin, check that you have electronic copies available of:

  • Scheme Plan
  • Subdivision Consent Granted
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Supporting Calculations
  • Supporting Report
  • Schedule 1A

Step 2.Apply and pay online 

Complete and submit this application form and pay the associated fee. 

Payment can be made at the time of applying by Credit Card /  Debit Card, or by POLi.

Apply online for Engineering Plan Approval