Standard Drawings

Horowhenua District Council provides standard drawings as guidance material for infrastructure within the district.

Council's Subdivision and Development Principles and Requirements must be used for the construction of land and asset developments, and should be read in tandem with Council's suite of standard drawings.


The standard drawings on this page will be withdrawn and/or updated at the sole discretion of Council.

We may condition development applications based on our standard drawings.

The standard drawings, current at the time of construction, are to be utilised by the person intending to undertake works.

Applicants may wish to consider alternative design outcomes from the standard drawings, however Council will only consider these with CPeng. certification.

We have not considered site specific requirements when producing these drawings. Prior to the implementation of any drawings, a site-specific investigation is required by the person intending to undertake works.

Council hold full discretion over the drawings. If there are any conflicts between drawings and standards/policies, then the more stringent requirements take precedence.