Emergency Rainwater Tanks

Emergency rainwater 200 litre tanks in heritage green and birch grey.

In a disaster, the water supply to your home or business may be interrupted or broken. This means you will need to use stored water for drinking, cooking and cleaning for several weeks or more.

These tanks hold enough water for a family of four over 16 days (longer if there is rain). It’s a cheap and sustainable way to get your family better prepared, and a handy alternate water source for a vegetable garden during peak summer months.

You can buy an emergency water supply tank from Horowhenua District Council's main service desk. The 200 litre tanks come in green or grey and are available for $120.00.

Features of the rainwater tank include:

  • Simple to install
  • Easy to transport
  • Food grade, UV resistant plastic
  • Includes all fittings – brass tap, bung, hose connection and Superfill Diverter kit
  • Stainless steel hooks and earthquake strapping
  • 10-year warranty (tank)
  • 1-year warranty (diverter kit)

Frequently Asked Questions

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No. The Horowhenua District Council has negotiated a bulk order price to provide both the tank and fittings at an exceptionally low cost (RRP approximately $250). We are selling these tanks for cost and no profit is made.

Yes. Health professionals recommend boiling roof water before drinking. It is also recommended that you empty, clean, and refill your tank at least once a year.

No. The tank can be used to store 200L of tap water, which should be refreshed every 12 months. It can then be connected to the downpipe in an emergency – this is a suggested option for tenants.

No. The tank is easy to install, and comes with installation instructions. However, if you have any concerns, please consult with your local plumber.

The tank holds 200L (litres) of water. It is 1200mm high, 650mm wide, weighs 7.5kg when empty and can fit into the back of most cars.

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