Arts, Culture & Heritage

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Horowhenua District Council's Arts, Culture & Heritage Plan is aimed at enabling community development, through the encouragement of Arts, Culture and Heritage, and the recognition of the heritage sector

Horowhenua has a diverse history with strong ties to tangata whenua, as well as to cultural immigrant populations. The district continues to progress towards a more vibrant community through events such as Art in the Park, Matariki and Māori Language Week, Diwali, Local History Week and many more.

The shared vision for Horowhenua is to celebrate our already rich history and community–led achievements. Arts, Culture and Heritage add value across all facets of human activity and development. These three pillars of arts, culture and heritage build the foundation of this action plan.


There are four outcomes that we're focused on achieving to ensure our community is rich in all of these areas:

  • Horowhenua will be a place full of vibrant events and activities
  • Horowhenua, a district rich in Arts, Culture and Heritage, will publicly celebrate its depth and diversity
  • Our communities will feel supported by council and community to complete community-led initiatives
  • Horowhenua will reflect vibrant communities that our residents and visitors alike are proud of.

Arts, Culture & Heritage Action Plan 2018(PDF, 457KB)