Levin Town Centre Strategy

Levin and Horowhenua are in an exciting period of unprecedented growth.  Already off the back of the roading improvements to the south of the district, more and more people are recognising that Horowhenua is a great place to live, work, play and do business.  

With 2029 being the scheduled timing for the new Ō2NL highway to open and the enhanced passenger rail service improving the connections between Levin, Wellington and Palmerston North to be in operation, the way people travel to and from the district is set to significantly change.  The next five years are going to see the district, including the Levin Town Centre, go through an exciting phase of transformation.

Identified as one of Council’s Top 10 Priorities, new work was undertaken in 2023 to refresh and update the Levin Town Centre Strategy.  This work included adding new areas to the previously identified areas that could be developed or upgraded to enhance and transform the Levin Town Centre, prioritising the key actions, identifying timeframes and outlining Council’s role in the key actions and moves. 

What is the Levin Town Centre Transformation trying to achieve?

The Levin Town Centre Strategy sets out the community’s vision for the future of our town and contains guiding principles that will be used to inform the details of future development as the town centre evolves.  

The vision for the Levin Town Centre Transformation is:

“To create an attractive and vibrant urban town centre environment that supports economic growth, fosters community engagement and promotes sustainable development, ultimately enriching the quality of life for residents and visitors in Levin”

The main objectives of the Levin Town Centre Transformation are:

  • Become a ‘destination’ that does not rely on state highway traffic for success 
  • Consolidate the Levin Town Centre and enable development on the eastern and western side of Oxford Street  
  • Provide a variety of activities, including quality retailing and hospitality based activities 
  • Improve the commercial offering and overall experience of Oxford Street 
  • Respond to the challenges and opportunities associated with earthquake prone buildings 
  • Support and encourage a range of transport options that serve the community’s needs 
  • To respond to new opportunities that will achieve the vision of the Levin Town Centre Transformation

In December 2023, Council approved the implementation plan for the Levin Town Centre Transformation endorsing the shift to the delivery phase. 

Whether you are a Horowhenua resident, considering moving here, or have a business in mind that will contribute to the transformation of our town centre, read on to learn more about the great things planned for the Levin Town Centre.

Levin Town Centre Strategy(PDF, 14MB)