Trees & Vegetation

We need trees. Trees improve the air we breathe, give food and shelter for bird life and make where we live look beautiful.

But trees also block drains, can cause damage to walls and foundations, hide views or block sunlight and sometimes they fall down.

Understanding your rights and responsibilities

The 'Trees and Your Rights' brochure specifies your rights and responsibilities around trees. It's a helpful guide around questions you may have as a neighbour or landowner and includes the following information:

  • who's responsible and what to do if there's a problem;
  • who can cut the tree and who pays;
  • what role Council plays; and
  • planting setbacks for Plantation Forestry and Shelterbelt Planting.

The provisions in the ‘Trees and Your Rights’ brochure come from the Horowhenua District Plan (as at June 2014). These provisions may change and, as such, should be a guide only.

Trees and Your Rights Brochure(PDF, 216KB)

Do you need to know more?

To find out more on 'Notable Trees' or restrictions on plantation forestry and shelter belt planting in the Rural Zone, phone Council on 06 366 0999.  You may also need to seek extra advice from a planning consultant, surveyor or solicitor.

If you see a tree close to electricity lines and think it's a hazard, phone Electra on 0800 353 2872 (0800 ELECTRA). The Electricity (Hazards from Trees) Regulations 2003 applies in this situation.