Relocated Buildings


Under the Horowhenua District Plan requirements to relocate a building to a site within the Horowhenua District, you may or may not require resource consent. Whether a resource consent is required depends on the building type (eg commercial building or residential building), the size of the building and the zone of site where the building is to be relocated to (eg Residential, Rural or Commercial Zones).

Relocated Buildings that don't require resource consent

Relocated buildings will not require resource consent in the Residential, Greenbelt Residential, Rural and Commercial (except in the Foxton and Shannon Town Centre/Heritage Overlay Areas and the Foxton Tourism Overlay Area) Zones if they meet the following requirements:

  • The relocated building is up to (and including) 40m2 in gross floor area; or
  • The relocated building shall be intended for use as a residential dwelling and be originally designed, built and used as a residential dwelling; and comply with the following:
    • A Building Pre-inspection Report shall be submitted by the owner of the relocated building to the Consents Manager at the same time as a building consent application is lodged for the relocated dwelling. The Building Pre-Inspection Report shall be on the form in Schedule 15.
    • The Building Pre-Inspection Report shall be prepared by a Building Compliance Officer or Building Inspector from Horowhenua District Council or another local authority, or Licensed Building Practitioner (carpenter or design category), or a member of the New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors.
    • A $1,500 partially refundable monitoring fee must be deposited with Council at the same time as submitting the Building Pre-Inspection Report.
    • The relocated building shall be located on permanent foundations approved by building consent, no later than two (2) months from the building being moved to the site.
    • All reinstatement exterior work identified in the Building Pre-Inspection Report must be completed within nine (9) months of the building being delivered to the site.
    • The owner must complete the Owner Certificate and Declaration in the Building Pre-Inspection Report.

Building Pre-Inspection Report

The Building Pre-Inspection Report, available below, must be filled in by an appropriately qualified person and provided with a building consent application (along with the $1,500 partially refundable monitoring fee) if a relocated building is to be considered as a Permitted Activity in accordance with the requirements of the District Plan.

Building Pre-Inspection Report - District Plan Schedule 15(PDF, 101KB)
Building Pre-Inspection Report - District Plan Schedule 15(DOC, 154KB)
Example Building Pre-Inspection Report(PDF, 145KB)

Joint Memorandum

The Joint Memorandum, available for downloading below, must also be signed by the applicant. The Joint Memorandum details how the $1,500.00 monitoring fee will be administered and must be provided as part of the Permitted Activity process.

Joint Memorandum(PDF, 33KB)

Relocated Buildings that do require resource consent

If you're unable to meet any of the above requirements or you are wanting to relocate a building that is larger than 40m2 in gross floor area to another zone such as the Open Space or Industrial zone then you'll require a resource consent and this application will be assessed as a Controlled or Restricted Discretionary Activity in accordance with the District Plan.

For information about how to apply for a resource consent for a relocated building please view our Building Relocations brochure. This brochure includes:

  • what is a relocated building;
  • applying for a resource consent;
  • matters under Council control;
  • processing fees; and
  • processing time.

The provisions outlined in this brochure are from the Horowhenua District Plan as at 1 June 2009. These provisions may change and, as such, should only be used as a guide.

Building Relocations Brochure(PDF, 121KB)

Building Consents

A building consent is required to ensure that the building complies with the Building Act 2004 and that it is structurally sound for relocation purposes.

Further Information

If you have any questions about these requirements or you want to confirm whether or not a relocated building will require resource consent, please contact Horowhenua District Council on 06 366 0999 and ask to speak to the Consents Officer.