Paying Us


It's easy to make a payment to Horowhenua District Council with a range of payment options available for applications, rates accounts, water accounts, debtor accounts and infringements.

For a full list of Council's current fees and charges, please view our Fees and Charges section.

Direct Debit

Direct Debit is Horowhenua District Council's preferred payment method for Rates and Water Accounts (Waterbilling), with fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and on instalment due date direct debits available. There are no fees for this service.

For rates, each year the direct debit will be recalculated to take into account the new rates.

Simply download and complete the relevant form below, and return it with a deposit slip for your bank account to Horowhenua District Council, Private Bag 4002, Levin.

Rates Direct Debit Form(PDF, 229KB)
Water Direct Debit Form(PDF, 284KB)

You'll receive confirmation once the direct debit is set up, detailing the first payment date for your direct debit.

More information about Direct Debits

  • Direct Debits save time and the risk of late payment fees as they are run by the Initiator (Council)
  • A Direct Debit authority can be cancelled at any time by giving notice to your bank and the Initiator
  • Direct Debits are secure; an organisation has to be approved by their bank to become a Direct Debit Initiator
  • Payments cannot be taken without the customer's consent
  • Payments can only be made under a Direct Debit authority to the organisation specified on the authority
  • The notification to the ratepayer allows time to ensure there are funds available in the account on the day the payment is due
  • Customers can set this up by completing a Direct Debit authority form – our staff can help with this
  • Notification is emailed or posted prior to payments starting
  • Easy and hassle free method – no need to log onto internet banking.

Credit or Debit Card for Rates

If you're a Horowhenua District ratepayer you can pay your rates by credit or debit card. Payment can be made with Visa or MasterCard credit cards or debit cards. To make a payment using this method please visit our Rates Payments Online page.

Internet Banking (POLi) for Rates and LIM Reports

You can pay for Rates and Online LIM Reports (Applications) by POLi. This service is provided by POLi with no additional fees charged to payees. To pay using this method, please visit our:

Internet Banking

If you're using Internet Banking, follow the instructions of your bank making sure Council's account details are entered correctly and you've clearly identified who is making the payment and what the amount is for. Our account details are as follows:

Name: Horowhenua District Council
Bank: BNZ
Branch: Levin
Account Number: 02-0668-0070607-02

You'll need to set up a separate payment for each account you hold to ensure your payment is credited to the correct account. Ensure you include your name (eg AB SMITH) and the reason for payment (eg LIM APPLN) in the Particulars and Reference sections when a making payment. No action will be taken on your application until payment has been receipted by Council and matched to your application.

Further information to help guide you through the payment process for Internet Banking payments can be viewed on our Internet Banking Payments page.

Include confirmation of payment

Often banks will email you evidence of your payment. To speed things up, we recommend that you include this confirmation with your email to us. If not, please include some form of advice of your payment when submitting your application so we can put the two things together and get the process rolling.

Automatic Payment

If you wish to set up Automatic Payments you will need to do this through your bank. Please contact us before setting up an Automatic Payment to ensure you have all the required information. Your bank may charge a fee when setting up or amending an Automatic Payment.

In person

All payments (cash or EFTPOS) can be made in person at Horowhenua District Council offices. Our office locations are available on our Visiting Us page. Rates payments can also be made at any NZ Post Shop.

Cheque (no longer accepted)

Banks have phased out cheques, meaning we can no longer accept this payment method for any Council transactions.

There are alternative ways to pay Council, being:

We recognise this may be an inconvenience, so would like to support you through this change and help you find payment options that suit you.

If you need support or have any questions about this, please contact the Finance team at Council on 06 366 0999 or email