Council's Role and Purpose

Group photo of Elected Members at the Horowhenua District Council Inaugural Meeting on 26 October 2022.

1. Council’s Responsibilities and Activities

The purpose of the Horowhenua District Council is to enable democratic local decision making to promote the social, economic, environmental and cultural wellbeing of the Horowhenua District in the present and for the future.

Council is made up of the Mayor and 12 Councillors (elected members). They are responsible for determining local policy and legislation, and defining the overall vision for the Horowhenua District. Council makes decisions on behalf of the ratepayers and residents.

In meeting its purpose, the Horowhenua District Council has a variety of roles:

  • facilitating solutions to local needs
  • advocacy on behalf of the local community with central government, other local authorities and other agencies
  • management of local infrastructure including network infrastructure (eg roading, water supply, waste disposal, libraries, parks and recreational facilities)
  • environmental management planning for the current and future needs of the local district
  • preparing and adopting the 20-year budget (long-term plan (LTP), annual budget (annual plan) and annual report
  • setting rates and bylaws
  • decision-making on regulatory matters and on Horowhenua-wide non-regulatory matters
  • setting strategies, policies and plans
  • consulting with and considering the views of Te Awahou Foxton Community Board before making a decision which affects the communities in the area
  • monitoring and reviewing the performance of the organisation. 

2. Te Awahou Foxton Community Board Appointments

At the beginning of each term, Council appoints representation to statutory bodies, community associations and other organisations for the elected term. These appointments enable Council to support special interests groups and community orientated bodies within the community.

The following appointments have been made for Te Awahou Foxton Community Board, for 2022-2025:

Community Group / Association / Organisation Te Awahou Foxton Community Board Member 
Foxton Area Community Medical Trust Ross Brannigan
MAVtech Nola Fox
Foxton Tourist & Development Association Trevor Chambers
Save Our River Trust John Girling
Manawatū Estuary Trust Brett Russell
Foxton Beach Progressive Association Nola Fox
Horowhenua Camera Trust Brett Russell
Manawatū River Loop Working Party David Roache
Foxton Futures
Governance Group
John Girling
David Roache
Foxton Wildlife Trust Brett Russell
Foxton Rugby Club Trevor Chambers

3. Horowhenua District Council - The Organisation

The Mayor and Councillors appoint a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to manage day-to-day operations and lead Council Officers within the organisation.

The CEO has statutory powers granted by the Local Government Act and other powers granted at the discretion of the elected Council, and is responsible for:

  • advising the Mayor and Councillors on policy matters
  • ensuring policies and plans adopted by Council are implemented
  • delivering on decisions made by elected members.

The CEO performs these responsibilities by delegating tasks and authority to the Leadership Team and other Council Officers.

4. Horowhenua District Council - Standing Orders

Standing Orders contain rules for the conduct of the proceedings of Councils, their committees, subcommittees and subordinate decision-making bodies, and local and community boards. Their purpose is to enable Council’s to exercise their decision-making responsibilities in a transparent, inclusive and lawful manner.

For more information, view the Standing Orders below, adopted on 16 November 2022.

Standing Orders | Ngā Tikanga Whakahaere Hui - 2022-2025(PDF, 2MB)