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Burial Disinterment

Burial disinterment is not common. All applications for disinterment must be made in writing to a funeral director. It is an offence to conduct a disinterment without the appropriate paperwork from the Ministry of Health. Contact Council to seek further guidance.

Ashes Disinterment

An application must be made in writing to Council. Council must be provided with full details including the date of original interment. There are costs associated with disinterment. Please contact Council for further information.

Over recent years Council has permitted families or relatives of people who have been interred in The Avenue Cemetery to place flowers or decorations over the grave for a short period of time. Council’s policy states that plants or other items can be on the site of a grave or ashes interment for a maximum period of one month.

The Avenue Cemetery is a lawn cemetery and has been designed not as a permanent garden site for graves but ultimately for all graves/ashes interments to be covered in grass.

It is our contractor’s unenviable job to ensure that after the one month period these items are removed to allow the grave site to be grassed, and we will endeavour that when this occurs to have all the items placed in a cardboard box for families to collect.

Please understand that this is a last course of action, but The Avenue Cemetery is a lawn cemetery and that does not allow for permanent memorials to be placed anywhere other than the headstones or headstone beams. Your actions in removing items from the grave before the permitted period has elapsed would be appreciated.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter. We will for our part continue to do our very best to pay our respects to your family or friends who are interred at The Avenue Cemetery by providing an attractive cemetery.

For information on the District's other cemeteries please contact Council's Customer Service Team.

A Policy was adopted by Council on 2 April 2008 which changed the rules for the reserving of Plots. The policy is:

"That a maximum of one plot can be reserved at the time of internment only for family members at Shannon, Manakau and Foxton Cemetery. The Avenue Cemetery has a no reservations policy".

If you wish to reserve a plot please contact Council's Customer Service Team.

Council provides Royal New Zealand Returned and Services’ Association (NZRSA) personnel with cemetery plots at no cost, in the Services section of Avenue Cemetery, as a mark of respect for their service to their country.

Veteran Affairs provide Council with a grant for the maintenance of this area.

If you wish to know more about the NZRSA Personnel Burial Plots then please contact the Customer Services Team.

Permission is required before the scattering of ashes can be conducted within a Council Reserve, Park or Cemetery. This information is captured to ensure Council is aware who's ashes have been scattered, when and by whom.

This may prevent loved one's ashes being removed from the site, when areas of gardens are being considered a re-design.

This information may also assist with genealogists tracing families in the future.

Other Options for Ashes

Other options include:

  • Scattering on Rose Gardens
  • Remembrance Garden Kerb
  • Cremation Lawn
  • Memorial Lawn
  • Memorial Garden.

Council aims to provide a number of services for burials and cremations to meet a range of bereavement needs, and a respectful environment and professional assistance to support family and friends of deceased people. Council recommends the use of a Funeral Director to assist you with burial/ cremation arrangements.

Booking Burials and Cremations

Please contact Council as soon as possible to ensure the availability of dates. Staff can make provisional time bookings for services.

No booking is confirmed until all relevant documentation is received by Council. Please contact Council for the relevant booking forms required.

Upon receiving bookings, Council will confirm all relevant details with a Cemetery Warrant for interment.

Advance Notice for Bookings

Council requires all documentation at least 24 hours before any interment or service. For further information please contact Council's Customer Services Team.

A monumental permit is required for the installation of all new headstones and plaques including ashes garden plaques within the Horowhenua District Council Cemeteries. It is also required for any headstone repairs.

All work completed must comply with the provisions of NZS 4242:1995 Headstones and Cemetery Monuments and NZS 9201:Part 14: 1999 and any updated provisions.

For details on the permitted height of headstone and monumental work please contact Council's Customer Services Team.

Horowhenua District Council operates five cemeteries, two located in Levin (Avenue and Old Levin Cemetery which is on Mako Mako Road), Manakau, Shannon and Foxton.

Opening Hours

The cemeteries are open from 7.30am until dusk, year-round. Burial and cremation services normally occur on Monday to Friday, from 8.00am to 4.00pm and Saturdays from 9:00am to 12pm. Special arrangements can be made for weekends or public holidays. These bookings must be approved by Council and incur an additional cost.

For further information please see our Cemeteries section.

Cemetery Locations

Cemetery Location & Directions
Mako Mako Cemetery Mako Mako Road, Levin.
Turn off State Highway 1 (Oxford Street, Weraroa Domain). The Cemetery is on the right at the corner with Tiro Tiro Road.
Avenue Cemetery Avenue North Road, Levin.
Turn off State Highway 1, north of Levin. Located on the left-hand side of road just past the new private crematorium.
Shannon Cemetery Turn into Vance Street, go over the railway line, left into Levin Street, then into Brown Street to the end of the road.
Foxton Cemetery Turn off State Highway 1 into Avenue Road and head east, located at Avenue Road/Hickford Road corner.
Manakau Cemetery Corner of State Highway 1 and Manakau South Road, approximately 1km south of the Manakau township.
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