Significance and Engagement Policy

Kaupapahere mō te Whai Hiranga me te Toro Iwi

Horowhenua District Council's Significance and Engagement Policy, adopted on 30 June 2021, outlines Council's general approach to determining the significance of proposals and decisions. It exists to inform you about what you can expect from Horowhenua District Council regarding consultation and ways to influence and participate in the decision-making of the Council.

What's included in the policy

This policy includes procedures, criteria and some thresholds the Council will use in assessing which issues, proposals, decisions and other matters are significant. It also lists assets Council considers to be strategic assets.

The policy also highlights when something is significant how Council will engage with the community when a proposal is considered to be significant. This will be in line with Council's commitment to applying best practice consultation methods.

Significance and Engagement Policy | Kaupapahere mō te Whai Hiranga me te Toro Iwi 2021(PDF, 511KB)