Civil Defence

Emergency Management Committees

Civil Defence Emergency Management is arguably the most important service a Council can provide to its community. It is also the one service we hope we never need.

It's comforting to know that in the Horowhenua we have a team of highly skilled people that are available to call on if and when required. Our Civil Defence Emergency Management team work with emergency services, community groups and organisations, government agencies and other Councils within the region, via our Emergency Management Committee, to ensure that we as a community are prepared.

This page contains useful information to help you take the steps to get prepared so when an emergency event occurs you're in a better position to deal with whatever the event may be.

Alerts to your smartphone

Emergency Mobile Alerts is a service to keep people informed if there is an emergency, led by the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA).

Emergency Mobile Alerts do not require any downloads but you do need to ensure that your phone is capable and updated - go to the Emergency Mobile Alert page on the Get Ready website to check. An overview of the system and FAQs are also available on the Ministry for Civil Defence and Emergency Management website Emergency Mobile Alert section.

Are you ready in a disaster?

You can do your bit to be part of the team by having your and your family's preparedness the best it can be, you are part of Civil Defence too! We talk about the first three days on our own, in reality history shows this is minimum and it could be much longer before help arrives. Ask yourself these questions to figure out how prepared you and your family are.

  1. What have you done to ensure you and your family can survive without help, electricity, running water or flushing toilets?
  2. Could you evacuate your home in a matter of minutes and leave with items that will keep you and your family safe for the days after an emergency?
  3. Where would you and your loved ones meet up?
  4. What would happen to your pet(s)?

For more information visit the Get Ready websites Get prepared pages. 

Be Prepared To Cope On Your Own

To be prepared to cope on your own you will need to have:

  • a Household Emergency Plan;
  • an Emergency Survival kit; and
  • a Getaway Kit if you need to be evacuated.

Preparing for a disaster can be quite simple and a good place to start is to visit the Get Ready website.

Alternatively, pick up a copy of "Are You Prepared" or a Household Emergency Checklist from a Council Customer Service Centre:

  • Horowhenua District Council, 126 Oxford Street, Levin
  • Te Takeretanga o Kura-hau-pō, 10 Bath Street, Levin
  • Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom, 92 Main Street, Foxton
  • Shannon Library, Plimmer Terrace, Shannon

Information is also available in the Yellow Pages section of your telephone book.

You can also join Neighbourhood Support, our link in the community, by contacting their Coordinator on (06) 366 0574.

Horowhenua Civil Defence Information

In the event of a Civil Defence emergency, contact Council on (06) 366 0999.

Civil Defence Centre

After a Civil Defence emergency event Civil Defence Centres may need to be activated, in order to support our community. These locations have been designated as Local Civil Defence Centres, however the circumstances of any event will determine which centres are activated. There also could be a need to utilise alternative centres in some areas.

Suitable locations have been identified and can be utilised at the discretion of an incident controller, dependant on the circumstances during the emergency. During an emergency you can find out where Centres have been established by contacting Council, heading to our website or Facebook page or listening to local radio stations.