Sun Protection Environment Policy

The Sun Protection Environment Policy was adopted by Council in June 2022.

This policy supports Horowhenua District Council's commitment to promote positive health outcomes for our community, and recognises that Local Government has an important role in minimising the risk of harmful exposure to Ultra Violet Rays (UVR) experienced by residents, workers and visitors to the area.

Horowhenua District Council will contribute to a reduction in the incidence of skin cancer within the Horowhenua by improving shade and other sun protection measures that are appropriate for the site, time of day and season throughout the Horowhenua District.

Objectives of the Policy

Council will work towards achieving the following objectives:

  • Provide infrastructure and services to support good health and wellbeing; and safe and accessible recreational facilities.
  • Increase the provision of appropriately placed shade at Council-owned parks, gardens, playgrounds, and sporting and recreation facilities.
  • Encourage and promote the use of appropriate personal sun protection measures amongst the general public.
  • Increase the knowledge of Council employees, community organisations and the public about effective sun protection practices.

Policy Guidelines

To assist the minimisation of excessive and harmful patterns of UVR exposure, Horowhenua District Council will take action to:

  • Encourage contractors and employees to be role models for users of gardens, playgrounds, and sporting and recreation.
  • Engage positively with stakeholders to identify those areas identified as high priority by the users of its facilities.
  • Promote a SunSmart message at events either hosted or held at Council-owned facilities during the high ultraviolet radiation season.
  • Undertake a shade audit prior to organising outdoor events and will provide sun-block, water, and relevant advice to attendees.
  • Ensure opportunities to develop shade (natural or built) is considered in planning for new recreational facilities.
  • Supply the community with information on “Planning a SunSmart Event” online.

Horowhenua District Council Sun Protection Environment Policy(PDF, 452KB)