Community Funding and Recognition Committee

Horowhenua District Council's Community Funding and Recognition Committee is comprised of five Councillors.

The decisions of the Community Funding and Recognition Committee for the Civic Honours Awards will be final and no correspondence will be entered into on any Awards made.

Horowhenua District Council reserves the right to not make any Awards if, in the Committee's view, nominations received do not meet the desired standard of voluntary community service.

Council may also decide to record such voluntary community service by way of a Certificate of Recognition where it is determined that nominations do not meet the standard as attained by previous Honours recipients.

No cap has been placed on the number of Certificates of Recognition being made in any one year, and discretion is in the hands of the Committee as to the number, if any, to be awarded.

Council also reserves the right to make any other enquiries into nominees' community service to verify any statement made in the application.