Land Development


To support growth, we're here to assist businesses to navigate through Council standards and processes.

Development Process and Infrastructure Standards

The Subdivision and Development Principles and Requirements 2014 identifies industry standards, design guides and specifications to guide construction throughout the Horowhenua District. Engineering appendices are also referenced to help guidance of the standards and relates to specific areas. It is incorporated in the District Plan and is enforced under Rule 24 of the Plan.

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Introduction to the District Plan Rules

Subdivisions & Land Use

View our quick guide on how to find the rules around subdivisions and land use activities in the Horowhenua District Plan.

Introduction to the District Plan Rules for Subdivisions and Land Use(PDF, 620KB)

Land Development Documents


  • The standard drawings on this page will be withdrawn and/or updated at the sole discretion of Horowhenua District Council
  • Council may condition development applications based on Council’s standard drawings.
  • The standard drawings current at the time of construction are to be utilised by the person intending to undertake works.
  • Applicants may wish to consider alternative design outcomes from the standard drawings, however Council will only consider those that are certified by a Chartered Professional Engineer.
  • Council has not considered site specific requirements when producing these drawings.
  • Prior to the implementation of any drawings, a site-specific investigation is required by the person intending to undertake works.

Resource Consent Process

To find out more about the Resource Management Act process please visit the Ministry for the Environment - An Everyday Guide to the RMA web page;

Development Plan Approval Process

You can view our flow chart for the Development Plan approval process below.

Process Development - Plan Approval Process(PDF, 95KB).