Land Information Memorandum (LIM)


This page contains information about Land Information Memorandum (LIM) Reports.

If you consider purchasing a property in the Horowhenua District, it is recommended that you obtain a LIM before finalising the purchase. You will find a LIM useful in helping you decide whether the land is worth purchasing, free from any restrictions, and whether the intended use of the land is feasible.

Please note: You don't need to order and pay for a Property File Request if you're already applying for a LIM Report on the same property. The information you receive from a Property File Request will be fully contained within the LIM Report.

Information included in a LIM Report

The completed LIM Report (Land Information Memorandum) will include information found in Horowhenua District Council's records relating to the following matters:

  • A summary of the rates account
  • District Plan information including zoning and an indication of the status of intended use of the property
  • Information identifying any special feature or characteristics of the land concerned
  • Any natural or man-made hazards that may affect the property
  • Building Consents/Permits and related information
  • Other consents, licenses, certificates, requisitions, orders and notices affecting the land or any building on the land previously issued by council
  • Swimming pool compliance
  • Information on private and public stormwater and sewerage drains on the property as shown in Council's records
  • Status of Road - Public, Private or Right of Way
  • Type of water connection (if any) - metered, on demand or restricted and any conditions relating to this water connection/supply.
  • Other information concerning the land that Council considers, at its discretion, to be relevant.

Note: The information supplied represents information held on the Horowhenua District Council files but where supplied to the Council by a third party, it may not have been independently verified. The applicant should not rely on the information supplied for any purpose without personally verifying its accuracy and completeness at Council. For the purposes of this report an on-site inspection of the LIM property is not made.

Applying Online for a LIM Report

You can apply for a LIM online by simply clicking on 'Apply online' below.

Apply for a LIM report online.

Please note that to ensure that your LIM application refers to the correct property, you'll need to provide the following documentation with your application:

  • a copy of the Certificate of Title (CT) for the property (or properties) for which a LIM is required for; and
  • copies of any Consent Notices registered on those titles.

Council will not commence processing LIM Requests until copies of the Certificate of Title and any Consent Notices have been provided and payment is received.

Payment can be made at the time of applying by Credit/Debit Card or Internet Banking POLi. There are also options for paying after you have submitted your application, by Internet Banking or in person.

Terms & Conditions for Online Payments

Horowhenua District Council's Terms and Conditions for credit or debit card payments for our Online LIM Application are available below. These are additional to our standard Terms and Conditions for online payments which can be viewed on our Terms and Conditions for Online Payments page.

Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

By choosing to pay by Credit or Debit Card on our Online LIM Application and submitting the application form you are confirming that you have read and understood the Online Payment Terms and agree to accept and abide by them.

Once you have submitted the application form you will then be directed to our Payment Gateway.


The credit card transaction is carried out in terms of the arrangement between you and your credit card issuer. Please check with your credit card issuer for any other fees or charges that may apply.

New Zealand Currency

All transactions will be displayed and processed in New Zealand dollars. If you make a payment with a credit card or debit card issued outside New Zealand, any currency conversion will be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the card and you may be charged currency conversion fees by the issuer.

Process and Transaction Details

At the end of the payment process a Receipt page will appear. This will display the information submitted with the payment and the outcome of the purchase request. It is recommended that you keep a copy of this page for your records.

The name that will appear on your credit card statement for this transaction (principle payment) will be "Horowhenua Dc".

If paying by debit card, the name that will appear on your bank statement for this transaction (principle payment) will be "Horowhenua DC" or in some instances "Horowhenua D".

Please allow time for your transaction to be processed. If your payment is made before 10.30pm New Zealand time, your payment will appear in your Horowhenua District Council account the following business day. Transactions after 10.30pm will appear after two working days.


If you make an incorrect payment and require a refund you will need to contact Council to complete a refund request. The processing of this refund will be at the discretion of the Finance Manager and will take 10 working days to process.

Secure payments

Horowhenua District Council does not collect or save credit card or debit card information. You will be directed to a secure payment page to enter payment details.

Applying Offline for a LIM Report

You can also print and complete the application form available for downloading below and send or deliver the completed form, along with the required documentation and fee, to Horowhenua District Council.

LIM Application Form (Printable Version)(PDF, 252KB)

Fax service is accepted provided the fee follows in the mail with the original form and documentation.

LIM Fees & Charges

  2024/2025 Fees
(from 1 July 2024)
Land Information Memorandum (LIM) - Urban Residential
(up to 10 working days and not including date of receipt of payment)
$380.00 per title

Land Information Memorandum (LIM) - Commercial / Industrial / Rural / Rural Residential Fee
(up to 10 working days and not including date of receipt of payment)

$388.50 per title
plus hourly rate over three hours
Support service administration fee (hourly rate) $156.00

Administrative services notes:

  1. LIMs will be delivered electronically. If hard copies are required, additional printing fees will apply. 

Any costs above the standard processing fee will be advised prior to the LIM being completed. Horowhenua District Council reserves the right to review any fees and charges at any time.

What if a property has one or more titles across single or multiple land parcels?

Multiple LIM Report applications and charges are not required if a property has one or more titles and spans single or multiple land parcels which are rated together as one.

The land parcels need to have the same Valuation and Assessment numbers for this to apply.

If you’re uncertain and need clarification about this before you apply, please contact our LIM Report Officer at Council.