Smokefree Environment Policy

Horowhenua District Council updated its Smokefree Environment Policy in early 2017, aimed at making public outdoor spaces smoke-free across the District.

A smoke-free Horowhenua aligns with the Government's goal of becoming a smoke-free nation by 2025. The policy is aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of Horowhenua's communities by reducing the prevalence of smoking and de-normalising smoking behaviour. However, it does not propose to ban smoking.

The policy has been promoted through education and awareness and uses signage and other forms of communication. The success of the policy will rely on social pressure to encourage others to comply.

Smokefree Public Places

The following public places are now smoke-free:

  • All outdoor facilities including all stadiums, sports grounds, outdoor swimming pools and any other outdoor facilities
  • All early childhood centres, primary and secondary schools, including all associated public outdoor areas and the footpath directly in front of the property boundary.
  • All health centres, including all associated public outdoor areas.
  • All playgrounds and skate-parks, including those not located within a park or reserve.
  • All sports fields, including associated spectator areas
  • All parks, reserves and cemeteries including all local and regional parks.
  • The public outdoor areas associated with Horowhenua District Council service centres, libraries, community facilities, museums, leisure centres and recreation centres.
  • All public transport areas, including bus stations and train stations.
  • All events run by Horowhenua District Council will be smokefree, and any event supported or sponsored by Council will be encouraged to be smokefree.

Smokefree Environment Policy(PDF, 146KB)