Why you should vote in the local elections

Make sure you have your say on issues affecting the Horowhenua District and your local community by voting in the 2022 local elections.

To make sure you receive your voting papers, check or update your postal address on the Vote NZ website.

Why your vote is important

Democracy is at its best when voices of the people are heard.

It's important for voters to pay attention to local elections and to take the time to learn about the aspirations of candidates and their proposals.

There's no level of government in Aotearoa / New Zealand that is more directly involved in the day-to-day happenings within your local community, than your council.

The mayor, councillors and community board members make decisions that have an impact on many aspects of your life and your local community.

Vote to have a say on Horowhenua District’s future

Voting in the local elections is important if you want to have your say on what matters to you. We deliver many services to our communities across the Horowhenua District such as:

  • the rates you pay and the services and assets they pay for
  • the district's investment in infrastructure
  • what cultural, family and sporting events take place near you
  • play spaces for children in your local parks
  • visiting libraries, recreation centres and pools or hiring a community hall
  • rules around where you can walk your dog
  • the quality of water from your tap
  • town centre and local development and a thriving community
  • making it safer for cyclists and pedestrians around the district
  • a range of other services, checking buildings are built properly, restaurant health rules, alcohol licences and public grants.

The people you vote for will also decide on funding and maintenance of critical infrastructure that makes Horowhenua a great place to live. Your vote can make a difference.

Get ready to vote

Local elections are held every three years. Voting opens in this local body election on 16 September 2022.

You can vote if you're enrolled as a voter with the Electoral Commission.

View our Enrol page for more information about the Electoral Commission and voting.