Mobility Car Parks and Permits

There are a number of mobility car parks the Levin Central Business District (CBD), and including in the Levin Mall Car Park.

Mobility parking spaces are marked with a disability symbol. They are wider than standard parks and closer to building entrances. To be able to use a mobility parking space, motorists must have a current mobility parking permit displayed on the vehicle's dashboard.

Motorists displaying a valid mobility parking permit while parking are entitled to an additional 60 minutes of time per space. The 60 minute time concession starts following the initial payment in a metered space and applies to non-metered spaces as well.

Mobility parking allowances do not include short-term car parks such as P5, P10, P15, P30 and Loading Zones - the permit holder must comply with all other road rules which are freely available on the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) website.

If you do not have your permit with you, or it is not clearly visible in the windscreen, then you cannot use a mobility parking space or make use of the metered or time restriction concessions. Parking Infringement Notices (tickets) will be issued to any persons parking in these spaces without a valid permit.

More information about mobility parking permits, including how to obtain one, can be found on the CCS Disability Action website.

Remember to update your permit before it expires, as those who display out-of-date permits will be fined $150.

Parking spaces for holders of mobility permits are also provided. Unauthorised parking in these spaces will result in a Parking Infringement Notice being issued.