Parking Meter Upgrade

In December 2021 we upgraded our parking meters in Levin and moved away from a Pay by Space (PBS) system to a Pay by Plate (PBP) system.

How the Pay by Plate system works

Pay by Plate (PBP) is a ticketless system that uses your vehicle licence plate number to record your parking time and payment. You don't need to return to the vehicle to display a ticket because your licence plate number is used to confirm your parking has been paid.

This means that you'll need to remember your vehicle registration plate number when you pay for your parking.

Key features of our upgraded parking meters

  • A range of payment options are available, including coins, contactless PayWave (credit and debit cards) and ParkEasy (where users scan a QR code).
  • Ticketless - users don’t need to return to their vehicle to display a ticket.
  • eReceipts can be emailed. The option will be displayed on the screen when you pay.
  • Users can go to any parking meter to find how much time is left and top up if required.
  • Once paid, vehicles can move to another parking bay - the credit will still apply if it is within the same time restriction.
  • There will be no changes to parking fees or fines. If users pay by PayWave, an additional merchant transaction fee of $0.50c will be charged.
  • Instructions are on the meters to guide users through the process.

Frequently asked questions

When did the upgrade changes happen?

Upgrade changes to the meters took place from 13-17 December 2021.

Why did we upgrade our machines?

We upgraded our meters to be able to offer our community a better parking service, with modern payment options in a more reliable machine that is user-friendly and increases the efficiency for our parking teams. The machines don’t use paper, so we expect to see less parking receipts littered in our Town Centre, and they’ll be more environmentally friendly.

How do the parking meters work?

The parking machines use a ‘pay-by-plate’ system, which means you'll need to remember your vehicle registration plate number to pay for your parking.

When you park your vehicle in a paid parking zone, you'll need to find your nearest kiosk, input your registration plate number and follow the prompts on the screen.

Can I pay for my parking by credit card or debit card?

Yes. Paywave is available at every parking meter.  Please note there is an additional $0.50 fee for Paywave transactions.

What is ParkEasy?

You can pay for your parking using ParkEasy by scanning a QR code located on all parking meters. You don’t need to touch the parking meter because when you scan the QR code you'll be taken to the ParkEasy payment portal to enter your vehicle registration plate number.    

Payment can be made using your credit or debit card.

Please note there is an additional $0.50 fee for ParkEasy transactions.

Can I check how much time I have left?

Yes, you can input your registration plate number into any machine to check your time balance.

Can I get a receipt for my parking?

Yes, our machines are paperless which means the receipt will need to be emailed to you.

When you've completed the payment for your parking you'll be asked if you want an eReceipt. Select ‘YES’ and a code will be displayed on screen.

To get a copy of the eReceipt:

  1. Note down the code.
  2. Go online to
  3. Enter the eReceipt code and your vehicle plate number.

You only have to set this up once per registration plate.

Are parking charges and infringement fees going to change?

No, the parking fees and charges remain the same. Please see our Parking Fees & Charges page.

Will there be new meters installed in areas that are currently free parking?

No, we're upgrading our existing meters in their current locations.

What happens if I put the wrong vehicle licence plate number in the machine?

If you realise you've put the wrong plate number into the machine you can cancel the transaction before it is complete. If you've accidentally used the wrong plate number and you get a ticket, contact Council's Customer Experience team who will assist you.

You can contact Council by phoning 06 366 0999 or emailing

Do I need to display a parking ticket in my windscreen?

No, our machines are paperless which means there are no more paper tickets.

Our parking team will be able to make sure you have paid for your parking by scanning your licence plate.