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We've put together some common questions we receive from our community about Parking and the corresponding answers.

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There are no restrictions preventing trucks being parked in a residential area.

If you believe a truck is causing or has damaged either the road, footpath, kerb and channel or berm please record the registration number of the truck. It would be helpful if you could record details of when and how often the truck is parking in this location.

To discuss this matter further please contact Council.

Unfortunately Council does not accept time payment arrangements for infringements. Payment is required in full by the due date as indicated on the infringement. Instructions on how to make an internet banking payment into Council's account can be viewed on our Paying Us section.

The District's designated Mobility Car Parks do not have parking meters, however many do have parking time restrictions. All parking restrictions are clearly indicated by painted road markings and/or signage.

If you can’t find a mobility park, you can display a mobility park card and park in a normal metered space. You can’t park here for free and are required to feed the meter, but you’re entitled to stay for twice the length of time allowed, eg you can stay for two hours on a 1 hour metered space as long as they have paid for 1 hour and your mobility park card is clearly displayed.

Further information regarding Parking can be found on our Parking page.

If you come across a faulty parking meter, please report it to Council immediately. A Council representative will ask you a series of questions which include your name, the meter number, bay number and your vehicle registration number.

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