Meter Locations and Time Restrictions

Meter Locations

All meters are for a maximum time limit of 60 minutes. Instructions for use are clearly shown on the meter, a receipt option is available and the meters can be operated by coin only.

  • Oxford Street, from Bath Street in a northerly direction to McDonalds on western side and to the Paint Pot on eastern side.
  • Bath Street from Oxford Street to Salisbury Street
  • Chamberlain Street, both sides
  • Queen Street West, from Oxford Street to Chamberlain Street on the south side and Bristol Street on the north side
  • Queen Street East - south side outside Write Price, to roundabout
  • Queen Street East - north side outside Mitre 10, to roundabout
  • Central Service and North Service lanes.

Time Restrictions

All parking restrictions are clearly indicated by roading markings and/or signage. The main restrictions are as shown in the Time Restrictions chart which is available below.

Time Restrictions
P180 Levin Mall Car Park eastern side (road markings indicate areas involved)

Service Lane from Bath to Queen Streets
Levin Mall Car Park western side (road markings indicate areas involved)
Warehouse Car Park
 Bath Street from Parker Avenue in a westerly direction

Oxford Street - east side from Oxford Street Dairy to O’Malleys Liquor Store
Oxford Street – east side between Liverpool Street Railway Crossing to Stationhouse Café (3 indented car bays)
Oxford Street West from Weraroa Shopping Complex to Horowhenua Visitor Information Centre
Oxford Street north west side from McDonalds to Exeter Street, east side from Paint Pot to the Meat Warehouse
Bristol Street - both sides from Queen Street to Exeter Street Stanley Street between Bristol and Oxford Streets
Queen Street, north side, between Bristol Street and Fire Station
P15 Oxford Street east side outside: Sullivans Drycleaners
Oxford Dairy
Oxford Street west side outside Super Cheap Auto
P10 Bath Street north outside Levin Public Library Oxford Street east side outside NZ Post
Mobility Parks As specifically marked
Cycle Stand Queen Street south side outside The Professionals
Motorcycle Park Queen Street, north side, outside Envy Hairdressers; Bath Street, south side, outside New World Car Park

Download Time Restrictions Chart(PDF, 13KB)