The Horowhenua District Council provides on and off-street parking in Levin.  This includes metered areas, time-restricted areas, the Levin Mall Car park time limitation and an unrestricted, all-day car park on the corner of Salisbury and Bath Streets.

On weekends and public holidays the metered car parks are free.  Our goal is to ensure the equitable access to, and use of, car parking facilities.

Mobility Permits

Parking spaces for holders of Mobility Permits are also provided. Unauthorised parking in these spaces will result in a Parking Infringement Notice being issued. 

Motorists displaying a valid Mobility Parking Permit while parking are entitled to an additional 60 minutes of time per space. The 60 minute time concession starts following your initial payment in a metered space and applies to non-metered spaces as well.  This does not include short-term parks such as P5, P10, P15, P30 and Loading Zones - the Permit holder must comply with all other road rules which are freely available at

The Permit must be clearly displayed on the inside of the vehicle windscreen or on the dashboard while you are parked. If you do not have your Permit with you, or it is not clearly visible in the windscreen, then you cannot use a mobility parking space or make use of the metered or time restriction concessions. Those who fail to comply with these obligations are liable for a fine of $150.00.

Mobility Car Parks

Mobility car parks are strategically placed around the Levin Central Business District (CBD) and there are a number of these in the Levin Mall Car Park. There are no time restrictions on, or a need to pay, when using our mobility car parks. Mobility Permit holders' car parks are clearly signed as such and the car park itself is generally outlined in the colour blue.

Remember to update your permit before it expires as those who display out-of-date Permits will be fined $150.00.

Meter Locations

  • Oxford Street, from Bath Street in a northerly direction to McDonalds on western side and to the Paint Pot on eastern side.
  • Bath Street from Oxford Street to Salisbury Street
  • Chamberlain Street, both sides
  • Queen Street West, from Oxford Street to Chamberlain Street on the south side and Bristol Street on the north side
  • Queen Street East - south side outside Write Price, to roundabout
  • Queen Street East - north side outside Mitre 10, to roundabout
  • Central Service and North Service lanes

All meters are for a Maximum Time Limit of 60 Minutes. Instructions for use are clearly shown on the meter, a receipt option is available and the meters can be operated by coin or text from your mobile phone.

Time Restrictions

All parking restrictions are clearly indicated by roading markings and/or signage. The main restrictions are as shown in the Time Restrictions chart which is available below.

Parking Infringement Notices (Tickets)

The following situations will result in a Parking Infringement Notice being issued:

  • Exceeding time restricted areas
  • Parking on an expired meter
  • Unauthorised parking on a Mobility Permit only car park
  • No Warrant of Fitness, certificate of fitness, or current vehicle registration
  • Unauthorised parking on taxi stands, loading zones, broken yellow lines, double parking, on a footpath, bus stop, or inconsiderate parking
  • Displaying vehicles for sale on the roadway or grass berms contrary to Council's bylaw.

Payment of Parking Infringement Notices (Tickets)

Payment can be made at the following locations:

  • Council Office, 126-148 Oxford Street, Levin during normal hours of opening
  • Council Service Centre, Main Street, Foxton during normal hours of opening
  • Council Service Centre, Plimmer Terrace, Shannon during normal hours of opening 

Payment can also be made:

  • Online by internet banking payments directly into Horowhenua District Council's bank account. More details about internet banking payments can be viewed on our Internet Banking Payments page.
  • By cheque, by posting your payment plus the ticket to Horowhenua District Council, Private Bag 4002, Levin.

Note: All tickets not paid by the legally due date will result in a prosecution through the Courts. When this stage is reached, Council can no longer accept payment for tickets issued.  In the event that a payment is made after the last date for payment, it will be refunded.


There may be times when you wish to dispute, or explain circumstances for consideration, in respect of a notice. This can be done online or you can download the print version, ensuring the infringement number is quoted.

Apply Online.

Parking Infringement Notice Explanation Form (Print Version)