Parking - Fees & Charges


Horowhenua District Council's Parking fees and charges for the 2017/2018 financial year are available below. 

All fees are stated as GST inclusive and are effective from 10 July 2017.  Council reserves the right to review any fees and charges at any time.  Please check with Council for any updates.

2017/18 Fees
Metered parking spaces, per hour    $1.00
Infringements - Excess Time or Metered Space 
  Not More than 30 Minutes   $12.00
  More Than 30 Minutes, Not More Than 1 Hour   $15.00 
  More Than 1 Hour, Not More Than 2 Hours   $21.00 
  More Than 2 Hours, Not More Than 4 Hours   $30.00 
  More Than 4 Hours, Not More Than 6 Hours   $42.00 
  More Than 6 Hours   $57.00 
Other Parking or Vehicle Infringements 
Designated Goods and Service Vehicles Only   $40.00 
On a Broken Yellow Line   $60.00 
On a Loading Zone   $40.00 
 In a No Stopping Zone $40.00
On a Bus Stop/Taxi Stand   $40.00 
Double Parked   $60.00 
Parked on a Footpath   $40.00 
Mobility Permit Holder Park Only   $150.00 
Contrary to Council’s Bylaw   $40.00 
Failure to Display Current WOF*   $200.00 
Failure to Display Current Licence Label*   $200.00 
Failure to Display Current COF*   $600.00 
*A diversion option may be applied for these Notices if the previous WOF, COF or Registration has been expired for less than one month at the time the Notice was issued.