Kerbside Rubbish & Recycling Services


Horowhenua District Council provides Solid Waste (rubbish) disposal services for residents and visitors to our District through a Kerbside Bag Collection service and by providing Waste Transfer Stations in Foxton and Shannon.

A kerbside recycling service is also provided to eligible properties. The recycling service is provided by your waste collector, or by Council if you do not have a contracted waste collector. 

Council Rubbish Bags

The Contractor will only collect official Horowhenua District Council (white plastic) rubbish bags, which are available from Council offices, Supermarkets, and some other shops. Many of these require you to request them at the checkout counter. Please refer to our Fees and Charges page for pricing.

Kerbside Recycling Service

Waste collectors are required to provide their customers with a kerbside recycling service in eligible areas. Properties that are not serviced by a commercial waste collector are covered by Council. Many waste collectors use the same contractor as Council to provide this service.

Kerbside recycling encourages the diversion of recyclable materials away from landfills and plays a significant role in waste minimisation. The green recycling crates are owned by council, but belong to the properties. Replacement of lost or stolen recycling crates will incur a small cost, so we ask you to leave these behind when moving, and to write your address on the crate to prevent this.

Kerbside Rubbish and Recycling Collection Days

  • Monday – Foxton, Foxton Beach, Waitarere Beach, Waikawa Beach.
  • Tuesday – Hokio Beach, Hokio Sands Road, and everything to the west side of Oxford Street, Levin.
  • Wednesday – the North-East sector of Levin within the Queen Street and Cambridge Street quadrant.
  • Thursday – the South-East sector of Levin within the Queen Street and Cambridge Street quadrant.
  • Friday – Shannon (including Mangaore Village), Tokomaru (including Karaka Street), Manakau, and Ohau.

Kerbside Collection Service Details

  • Rubbish bags and recycling should be left out at the kerbside before 7:30am for collection.  Bags and crates that are placed at the kerbside after 7:30am may not be collected.
  • The contents of the crates will be collected every week. Rubbish bags may be collected before the crate - there is no need to worry if the recyclables are not collected until later in the day.
  • All households in recycling collection areas will be given a crate but the crate remains the property of the provider.  These crates do not belong to the householder.  Householders are asked to please keep the crate clean.
  • If the crate is not big enough for a household or your family’s circumstances you can purchase a second crate from Council.
  • Broken crates can be replaced free of charge.  Please bring your broken crate into Council for a replacement.
  • A fee will be charged if crates are lost.

Kerbside Services - Rural Collection

Due to the density of housing and the isolation of some roads and houses, not all rural roads or the entire length of some rural roads will receive the kerbside services.  Collections on State Highways pose an unacceptable Health and Safety risk to contractors and other road users and therefore were not considered for the expanded collection service.  Specific details for the Rural Kerbside Recycling collection days are available below. 

Weekday Collection Area / Instructions
Avenue North Road   Entire Road   
Avenue Road   Entire Road 
Emma Drive  Entire Road 
Foxton Beach Road  Entire Road 
Kanuka Drive  Drop-off at Waitarere Beach Road 
Kawiu Road   Entire Road 
Ketemaringi   Entire Road 
Lea Grove   Entire Road 
Mowhia Grove  Drop-off at Waitarere Beach Road 
Palmer Road   Entire Road 
Purcell Street   Entire Road 
Quail Way  Drop-off at Waitarere Beach Road 
Reay Mackay Grove  Entire Road 
Takapu Road   Entire Road 
Strathnaver Drive  Entire Road 
Te Whanga Road   Entire Road 
Waikawa Beach Road   Entire Road 
Waitarere Beach Road   Entire Road 
Waitarere Rise Avenue  Drop-off at Waitarere Beach Road 
Waka Tete Place  Drop-off at Waitarere Beach Road 
Wylie Road   Up to 76 
Boulton Road  Entire Road 
Bruce Road  Entire Road 
Buller Road   Entire Road 
CD Farm Road   Entire Road 
Hokio Beach Road  Entire Road 
Hokio Sand Road   Entire Road 
Joblins Road   Entire Road 
Kaihuia Grove  Entire Road 
Moutere Road  Drop-off at Hokio Beach Road 
Painua Road   Entire Road 
Tarahunga Road   Entire Road 
The Avenue (SH1)  Up to 45 
Waipuna Grove   Entire Road 
Whelans Road   Entire Road 
Arete Lane Entire Road 
Denton Road   Entire Road 
Garth Road   Entire Road 
Gladstone Road   Up to 224 
Milbel Way  Entire Road 
Pohutukawa Drive   Entire Road 
Pukematawai Road  Entire Road  
Queen Street East  Entire Road 
Redwood Grove   Entire Road 
Tararua Road   Entire Road 
Wakefield Road  Entire Road 
Heatherlea East Road  Entire Road 
Heatherlea West Road   Entire Road 
Jacksons Road   Entire Road 
Koputaroa Road   Up to 626 heading west 
Kukutauaki Road   Entire Road 
McDonald Road   Entire Road 
Otawhiwhi Road  Drop off on corner of Otawhiwhi Road & Paiaka Road 
Paiaka Road   Entire Road 
Potts Road   Entire Road  
Sorenson Road   Entire Road  
Tavistock Road   Entire Road  
Twin Peaks Grove   Entire Road  
Waihou Road   Entire Road  
Wallace Loop Road   Entire Road  
Albert Road Entire Road  
Angus Lane  Entire Road   
Arapaepae Road South  353-530 
Bishops Road   Entire Road   
Buckley Road  Up to 225 
Corbetts Road  Entire Road   
Faydon Close   Entire Road   
Glade Park Lane  Drop-off at Buckley Road 
Gleeson Road Entire Road   
Hanawera Ridge Road   Entire Road   
Highland View Drive  Entire Road   
Hoggs Road   Entire Road   
Kimberley Road   217-450 
Kuku Beach Road   Up to 600 
Kuku East Road   Entire Road 
Konini Street  from Williams Road to 173 
Larwood Road Entire Road   
Makerua Road  North from Tokomaru to 861  
Manakau Heights Drive  Entire Road   
Manakau North Road   Entire Road   
Manakau South Road   Entire Road   
Mangahou Road  Up to Blackwood Drive 
Martins Road   Entire Road   
McLeavey Road Entire Road   
Mountain View Drive Entire Road   
Muhunoa East Road   Up to Florida Road 
Muhunoa West Road   Up to 402 
Oakland Lane  Drop-off at Buckley Road 
Ohau Terraces   Entire Road 
Papaitonga Lake Road   Entire Road 
Rewa Rewa Street  Entire Road   
Riveredge Terrace   Entire Road   
Sheehan Street  Up to the bridge
Soldiers Road  Entire Road 
State Highway 1 (SH1)  South Manakau Road to Whakahoro Road 
State Highway 1 (SH1) 400 SH1 (Ohau) to Vista Road 
Tarrant Way   Entire Road 
Te Rohenga Road  Entire Road 
Thompson Street  From Shannon to the bend 
Tokomaru East Road  Entire Road   
Tullahoma Way  Entire Road   
Vista Road   Entire Road   
Waiaute Road  Entire Road   
Waitohu Valley Road  Up to the HDC Boundary 
Western Rise   Entire Road 
Whakhoro Road  Entire Road   
Williams Road  Entire Road   


Christmas and New Year Kerbside Recycling and Rubbish Bag Collection 

Levin, Hokio Beach, Foxton, Foxton Beach, Waitarere Beach, Tokomaru, Shannon, Ohau, Manakau and Waikawa Beach:

Date Collection
Monday 24 December normal collection
Tuesday 25 December no collection
Wednesday 26 December Tuesday's collection
Thursday 27 December Wednesday's collection
Friday 28 December Thursday's collection
Saturday 29 December Friday's collection
Monday 31 January normal collection
Tuesday 1 January no collection
Wednesday 2 January Tuesday's collection
Thursday 3 January Wednesday's collection
Friday 4 January Thursday's collection
Saturday 5 January Friday's collection

 Please be aware collection times may vary. Please have bags and crates out by 7am.