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We've put together some common questions we receive from our community about footpaths and the corresponding answers.

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Council Officers assess where new footpaths should go. They consider the population of the street, whether a footpath will connect a new subdivision to an existing settlement, and/or whether it will allow an existing footpath to be extended to the end of a street.

You can contact us to let us know if you want your street considered as part of this process by emailing enquiries@horowhenua.govt.nz. However, please keep in mind the many factors that are considered before a decision is made to build a footpath.

Council is responsible for repairs to Council footpaths. Urgent faults which are a health and safety issue are repaired as required. All non-urgent repairs are programmed and completed on a priority basis.

To report any damage to a footpath, including tree root damage, please contact Council by emailing enquiries@horowhenua.govt.nz and a Council Officer will respond to your request.

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If you can't find the answer you're looking for please phone 06 366 0999 or email enquiries@horowhenua.govt.nz