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Sandbags will only be deployed in unforeseen circumstances and only if there is a genuine threat of storm water entering into dwellings. In most circumstances the property owner would know if water normally enters their property and should supply their own sandbags.

Yes, Council is responsible for the repairs to Council roads including potholes. Potholes are repaired on a routine basis. NZTA are responsible for the state highways.

Urgent faults which are a health and safety issue are repaired as required. All non-urgent repairs are programmed and completed on a priority basis.

To report any road damage please contact Council.

Horowhenua District Council owns and maintains the streetlights on Council's roads throughout the district. Streetlights in private roads and lighting under shop verandahs are private lights and therefore are not maintained by HDC. Streetlights on the state highways in urban and rural areas are maintained by NZTA.

If you would like to report a faulty streetlight on one of Council's roads or require further information, please contact Council.

Council's contractor inspects all sumps and culverts throughout the network on a six-monthly basis. However, if there is an immediate threat of flooding due to a blocked sump or culvert the contractor will be advised to clean it out before it causes any flooding so please contact Council.

Council's contractor carries out street sweeping of the kerb and channels in urban areas. The streets with higher traffic volumes are cleaned weekly or twice monthly. All of the local streets with low traffic volumes are cleaned quarterly.

The contractor will be advised of the leaves/debris and they will sweep the channels in their next scheduled round.

Council is responsible for road marking Council roads and some road marking relating to parking in the CBD area of Oxford Street (SH1). Road marking is carried out annually.

Any requests for new road marking are assessed by the Roading Operations Team and if required can be programmed to be completed at the same time as other road marking work.

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