Horowhenua Waste Management & Minimisation Plan

The Horowhenua Waste Minimisation & Management Plan (WMMP), adopted by Council on 18 July 2018, sets out how Council will progress efficient and effective waste management and minimisation in the Horowhenua District.

The Plan sets targets for dealing with waste over the next six years and provides an action plan to meet those targets. Targets include:

  • reducing the waste disposed of into the landfill to below 400kg per person;
  • recycling at least 40 per cent of the waste collected at the roadside from households and 50 per cent of the waste taken to transfer stations; and
  • maintaining a high level of public satisfaction with Council's solid waste services.


One of the key objectives Council will work towards is to improve community understanding of issues and opportunities for minimising and managing waste. Other objectives identified in the plan are to:

  • avoid creating waste;
  • make recycling easy and safe;
  • ensure businesses and households have access to appropriate waste disposal;
  • create opportunities for partnerships, jobs, new products and greater efficiency;
  • reduce illegal dumping; and
  • work in partnership with other organisations to improve waste minimisation and management across New Zealand.

Horowhenua Waste Minimisation & Management Plan (WMMP)(PDF, 4MB)

Plan Review

The plan will be reviewed no later than six years from adoption, or earlier if a change in circumstances provokes a review of Horowhenua’s waste minimisation and management policy framework.