Horowhenua Shared Pathways Strategy

Horowhenua District Council adopted the Horowhenua District Open Space Strategy on 2 March 2016.

The Horowhenua District Council has produced this Shared Pathways Strategy to provide the strategic framework for a shared pathways trail network linking the District's major communities. The trail would negotiate areas of high amenity value, including coastal reserves, rivers, mountains and lakes.

The purpose of this strategy is to:

  • Establish the strategic direction for a cycle trail network
  • Provide for the development of an integrated Horowhenua Shared Pathways network
  • Support future funding proposals for network development and expansion
  • Seek support and endorsement from New Zealand Cycle Trail for Inclusion as a potential expansion to the 'Great Rides' network.

Horowhenua Shared Pathways Strategy(PDF, 423KB)