Subdivision Consents

Subdivision consent is a type of resource consent. All subdivision of land requires subdivision consent even if it is only a boundary adjustment.

Subdivision requires three stages of approvals from the Council.

The three stages of approvals are:

  • Subdivision Consent - decision made to grant subdivision consent 
  • Section 223 approval - approval of the survey plan showing the new boundaries , this must be approved within 5 years of the consent decision. 
  • Section 224 approval - completion of any physical works required to complete the subdivision, such as installing new water and sewer connections. These works must be completed and approved by Council’s Development Engineer within 3 years of the section 223 approval. 

Example: You own a residential property which has a total area of 1012m2. You want to separate the backyard from the house and sell it. You will require a subdivision consent to do this.

If you are considering subdivision you are advised to speak to both a surveyor and a Council’s Duty Planner.  This will give you a good understanding of the steps and costs involved. You can also check the Horowhenua District Plan.