Notified Resource Consents

You can find out about any publicly notified resource consents below and how you can make a submission.

Making a submission on a Resource Consent

If an application is publicly notified, anyone can make a submission for or against the proposal.

If an application is limited notified, only those people/parties who the Council planner has determined are affected can make a submission. Council will formally notify the people considered affected by the proposal. Council will advise you before doing this, so you can decide whether you want to proceed or not.

Submissions must be made in writing using the form prescribed by the legislation.

The original copy of the submission is to be delivered to Council by hand, mail, or email and a copy supplied direct to the applicant as soon as practical after that. This must be done within 20 working days of the notification date.

The details of any submission made will be made available to the public. In your submission, you should advise whether you wish to be heard in a hearing.

In cases where the applicant and submitter/s agree, a pre-hearing meeting may be held. This gives an opportunity to discuss your concerns in a less formal setting and potentially allow some matters to be resolved before the hearing.

Preparing your submission

Before you prepare your submission:

  • Talk to the applicant or the Council Planner - this may allay your concerns regarding the proposal.
  • Consult organisations or individuals able to provide technical information on the cause and consequence of effects and possible ways to reduce or avoid undesirable effects.

Your submission needs to be in the prescribed form (link). Your submission should focus on the environmental effects of the proposal. Your submission cannot raise effects relating to trade competition. Council cannot consider effects on trade competition.

When preparing the submission:

  • Address the activity applied for and environmental effects arising from this activity only.
  • Clearly identify which part or parts of the proposal your comments refer to. 
  • Fully explain how the proposal will affect you and how those effects could be dealt with.
  • Adequately explain any request you make.
  • Advise whether you wish to be heard (speak to your submission at a hearing).

The applicant or any person who makes a submission on an application can appeal the decision to the Environment Court.