E-Waste (Electronic Waste)

E-waste can be taken to our Foxton Transfer Station and Resource Recovery Park for recycling

E-waste is discarded electrical or electronic devices such as televisions, computers, printers, cameras, batteries, and fixed-line and mobile phones.

Small items, such as mobile phones, will be free to recycle. For larger items, such as televisions and photocopiers, user charges will help to cover the cost of processing and transportation for recycling. A full list of fees is available on our Fees and Charges page

Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL):Free CFL collection box in the HDC building.

There is a free CFL collection box in the Horowhenua District Council building, and one at the Foxton Transfer Station.

Fluorescent lamps contain mercury, a highly toxic waste, which, if disposed of irresponsibly can pollute waterways and damage the environment. Council has sponsored a collection by Interwaste, is the only company in New Zealand offering a zero-to-landfill 100% recycling service for all forms of mercury lamps.

Where do my bulbs go?

  • Aluminium from tube ends is recycled into cast products such as ingot used for foundry application.
  • Glass from lamps are separated and recycled into the glass wool used to insulate homes.
  • Mercury is distilled from separated powders and then re-used in the manufacture of dental amalgam.
  • Phosphor powder from the tubes is used for the manufacture of fertiliser products and sold to New Zealand and Australian agriculture industries.