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This page contains frequently asked questions and answers about Horowhenua District Council's kerbside recycling service.

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Council does not provide rubbish wheelie bins, only rubbish bags.
If you would like a rubbish wheelie bin, please have a look on Google as there are a couple of providers who all have different prices.

All residents in areas covered by the kerbside recycling service are given a recycling wheelie bin and crate, and all ratepayers are charged the solid waste rate.

If you're in an area that receives the recycling service, you cannot opt out. However, you can choose not to use the service.

It is not necessary to remove general labels such as on soft drink bottles, wine bottles, jam jars etc.

The main labels we would want people to remove are the full cover sleeve labels that you would find on items such as shampoo bottles, iced coffee bottles etc.

The reason for this is that the full cover sleeve obscures the type of plastic used underneath and makes it difficult for those on the sorting line to identify the type of material. Most of these types of labels should have a perforated line to help make removal easier. 

Horowhenua District Council will only accept small quantities of lead paint at its transfer stations. For larger quantities, contact the Levin Transfer Station/Midwest on 06 367 2915

How do I dispose of lead paint flakes?

Households stripping lead paint off homes should gather all flakes into a bag while surface stripping (to avoid double handling) and advise the Levin Transfer Station upon disposal.

Did you know?

Lead paint deposited in the general waste stream should be avoided because of the hazardous or toxic nature of these Lead substances. Lead paint when exposed to leachate inside the landfill environment generates lead oxide/s and is identified as a prohibited. Keeping Lead bagged in a sturdy plastic container (Barrel/Drum) will hold its shape and stability over years. The GPS mapping-in of a Lead paint filled drum provides to Council an ability to relocate its placement for safety and auditing purposes in future years.

Other paint can be taken to the Resene Paint Shop, 94 Cambridge Street for recycling. This is free for Resene brand paints, while other brands incur a small charge.

No person, organisation or company is allowed to cause a smoke nuisance. If a smoke nuisance is reported to Council (Urban smoke) or Horizons (Rural Smoke), in most instances the person responsible will be required to extinguish the fire.

To report a smoke nuisance please contact Councils Customer Services Team on (06) 366 0999, or Horizons on 24hr freephone: (+64) 0508 800 800

When you purchase Council bags you have paid for the collection of these bags in accordance with the collection cycle. You are welcome to place as many bags at the kerb side for collection as you wish. There is no limit.

Remember to have all bags kerbside by 7.30am each collection day. Council bags are identified with Council details. Collectors will not pick up any other type of bag.

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