Plastic Waste Minimisation

Recycling changes made easy.

Plastic Waste

Only plastics with the i.d code 1,2,5 are accepted in your curb side recycling. All other plastics are not recyclable in New Zealand. Check the number before you buy, and try to avoid purchasing products with non-recyclable plastics (*3,4,6,7).

This helps us send a message to the government and producers that we do not want these products which have to be disposed of in landfill. 

Lots of pantry staples – from flours, grains and rice, through to condiments, spices, legumes, nuts, seeds and liquid foods – usually come in single-use packets.

Regional Zero Waste Shopping Guide

“The Rubbish Trip” have prepared a Regional Zero Waste Shopping Guide. Shops listed on this guide stock all manner of pantry foods loose in bulk bins (or operate return and refill systems for their packaging), allowing you to put these goods straight into your own bags, jars, containers and bottles, and skip the packaging.