Food Business Inspections and Grading


A list of food businesses and their grades is available for downloading below.

Food Businesses Grades List (PDF, 103KB)

Existing registered and graded  premises can be inspected announced on an ongoing/annual basis at any reasonable time. New food businesses will receive their first verification visit within 1 month of registration.  Businesses that are verified or inspected by Horowhenua District Council will be awarded a grade in accordance with Council’s Food Premises Grading Policy (link to policy). Grades “A”, “B”, “U” and “NEW” are awarded. 

Grade Description
A Awarded to premises that are achieving a high level of compliance with the regulations.
B Awarded to premises that are achieving a good level of compliance with the regulations.
U Awarded to premises that have a poor level of compliance with the regulations, and/or have repeated faults from a previous inspection.
NEW Awarded to new premises or premises that have recently changed hands.


Food Grading Policy 

The purpose of the Food Businesses Grading Policy is to support Council's role in monitoring and enforcing legislation and regulations governing food premises. The policy facilitates the process of inspecting and auditing food premises for the purposes of determining the grade for that premises, and establishes the methodology for calculating food premises grades.

For more information and to download a copy of the policy head to: