What can go into your Council recycling wheelie bins

Do you accept the challenge? All waste, even recycled materials, will have an impact on our environment. Let’s produce as little rubbish as possible. This “What Goes Where” for rubbish and recycling will help you make sure that your household waste products end up where they need to.

Council Green Recycling Wheelie Bin

Recycling changes made easy.

These items can go in your Horowhenua District Council Recycling Wheelie Bin (please make sure all items are empty and clean):

  • Number 1 plastics: Soft drink, juice & water bottles
  • Number 2 plastics: Milk, bathroom & laundry products bottles
  • Number 5 plastics: Large yoghurt and ice cream tubs, margarine/ butter tubs, some takeaway containers
  • Aluminium cans
  • Steel food tins and cans
  • Cardboard (Excluding pizza boxes)
  • Paper/Newspaper/Junk mail

Don't forget to wash and remove lids. Non-recyclable materials go in your council bag or waste bin. Getting it wrong could mean that your wheelie bin is not emptied as the contents might endanger staff, break machinery or contaminate other recyclables causing them to be disposed of in a landfill.

You can find more information about what the plastic recycling numbers mean and how to dispose of them, on our 'What do plastic recycling numbers mean?' page.

Recycling Changes

We’re making a few changes to our kerbside recycling that will affect you. We are only accepting plastics 1, 2 & 5 in your kerbside recycling. 

To help make it easier, we've put together this video that explains what can and can't go in.