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Schedule 1 of the Building Act 2004 details building work that is exempt from needing a building consent. There are some exemptions that apply to carports, for further information see the MBIE website 

More information about exempt building work, including links to Schedule 1 and the MBIE website can be found on our Building Consent Process page.

Even if a building consent is not required, you will need to check whether your proposed building work complies with the requirements of the District Plan, or is already provided for by an existing Resource Consent. If it is not, you may need to apply for Resource Consent.

Schedule 1 of the Building Act 2004 details exempt building work that does not require a building consent.

Part 23 of Schedule 1 of the Building Act 2004 states that a building consent is not required for the following building work:

Building work in connection with a tank or pool and any structure in support of the tank or pool, including any tank or pool that is part of any other building for which a building consent is required, that:

(a) does not exceed 500 litres capacity and is supported not more than 4 metres above the supporting ground; or
(b) does not exceed 1 000 litres capacity and is supported not more than 3 metres above the supporting ground; or
(c) does not exceed 2 000 litres capacity and is supported not more than 2 metres above the supporting ground; or
(d) does not exceed 4 000 litres capacity and is supported not more than 1 metre above the supporting ground; or
(e) does not exceed 8 000 litres capacity and is supported not more than 0.5 metres above the supporting ground; or
(f) does not exceed 16 000 litres capacity and is supported not more than 0.25 metres above the supporting ground; or
(g) does not exceed 35 000 litres capacity and is supported directly by ground.

Although a Building Consent may not be required for the installation of a water tank, a water tank is considered an accessory building and therefore must comply with the District Plan rules.

Council does not provide information on Wind Zones. If you are submitting a Building Consent that requires identification of the wind zone, you must seek this information from your designer or refer to New Zealand Standard Timber Framed Buildings NZ3604 Section 5. The Horowhenua wind region is R1.

Council has a direct booking line for inspections. The Officer is required to ask a series of questions before the booking can be
confirmed. You'll be required to provide the building consent number for your project.

The direct line for booking inspections is (06) 366 0927. Alternatively you can contact us via email (please note email responses will be actioned during normal working hours).

Quotable Value is a private company who can assist with Rating enquiries and/or Valuation Services.

Quotable Value can often provide up-to-date information on the total square metres and/or dimensions of a dwelling or accessory buildings and also the year the building was built for insurance purposes. Contact Quotable Value on 0800 65 11 33 or visit their website.

The Building Act 2004 requires that all work must be done in accordance with the plans and specifications approved in the Building Consent. If you propose to do any work that differs from your Building Consent plans, you will need to apply to amend your Building Consent.

The process for obtaining an amendment is the same as obtaining the original consent. It is very important that at the time of inspection the Building Consent documents accurately reflect what has actually been built.

An application form for amendment to a building consent can also be found on our Applying for a Building Consent page.

Please note, the link for the form will take you through to the Simpli website where you can download the application.

The completed LIM Report (Land Information Memorandum) will include information found in Horowhenua District Council's records relating to the following matters:

  • A summary of the rates account
  • District Plan information including zoning and an indication of the status of intended use of the property
  • Information identifying any special feature or characteristics of the land concerned
  • Any natural or man-made hazards that may affect the property.

Building Consents/Permits and related information:

  • Other consents, licenses, certificates, requisitions, orders and notices affecting the land or any building on the land previously issued by Council
  • Swimming pool compliance
  • Information on private and public storm water and sewerage drains on the property as shown in Council's records
  • Status of Road - Public, Private or Right of Way
  • Type of water connection (if any) - metered, on demand or restricted and any conditions relating to this water connection/supply.
  • Other information concerning the land that Council considers, at its discretion, to be relevant.

Property information supplied by a third party

The information supplied represents information held on the Horowhenua District Council files but where supplied to the Council by a third party, it may not have been independently verified. The applicant should not rely on the information supplied for any purpose without personally verifying its accuracy and completeness at Council. For the purposes of this report an on-site inspection of the LIM property is not made.

LIM Fees

Please view our Miscellaneous Fees and Charges page.

Please note: Council at this time do not do urgent LIMs - we only have the standard 10-day turn around.

If you do not wish to purchase a LIM Report, another option to consider is a Property File Request. This request details all building consent consents for the requested property. No other property information is provided, this information can be provided to you via email.

Applying for a LIM

Complete the LIM Application Form and send or deliver the completed form and fee to Council. Council will not commence processing a LIM Request until payment is received. Fax service is accepted provided the fee follows in the mail with the original form or via internet banking.

Any costs over and above the standard fees will be advised prior to the LIM being completed.

Property File Request

Please see our Property File Request page.

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