Miscellaneous - Fees & Charges

Miscellaneous  Fees & Charges - Outside view of the Horowhenua Council building.

Horowhenua District Council's Miscellaneous fees and charges for the 2020/2021 financial year are available below. These fees and charges were adopted by Council at the 6 May 2020 meeting. 

All fees are inclusive of GST unless otherwise stated and are effective from 1 July 2020. These fees and charges are subject to change. Please check with Council for any updates. 

Fees 2020/2021
Litter Infringement Offence $400.00
Mobile Shop/Hawker (Non Food) - Permit to Operate $300.00
Mobile Food Businesses registered with other Territorial Authorities - permit to operate (does not apply when operating at events only) $50.00
Water Testing for Registered Premises $70.00 plus cost of test
Certificate of Compliance (New Liquor Licence Application) $140.00
Interpreters $70.00 plus actual cost
Printing and Copying
A4 Black & White $0.20
A4 Black & White Double Sided $0.30
A4 Colour $1.30
A4 Colour Double Sided $2.50
A3 Black & White $0.30
A3 Black & White Double Sided $0.40
A3 Colour $2.50
A3 Colour Double Sided $4.50
A2 Colour or Black & White - Single Sided Only $7.00
A1 Colour or Black & White - Single Sided Only $14.00
A0 Colour or Black & White - Single Sided Only $28.00
Abandoned Vehicles
Towage $150.00 plus actual costs and daily storage costs
Daily Storage $3.00 per day
Noise Control
Return of Seized Equipment
(Cash/EFTPOS Only)
Infringement Fine Fee Set by Legislation $500.00
Return of Impounded Skateboard $20.00
Administrative Services
Support service administration fee
(hourly rate)
Land Information Memorandum
(commercial/industrial/rural/rural residential).
$299.00 plus hourly rate over 3 hours
Land Information Memorandum
(urban residential)
Property File Request $65.00 
Certificate of Title Search
Consent Notice and easement documents at LINZ cost
$50.00 per CT
Consents List (monthly subscription) $12.00 per month
Associated Costs for Special Events
Road Closure Cost
Traffic Management Approval Cost
Advertising Cost
FlagTrax System
Any costs associated with a physical flag are not the responsibility of Council, and it is expected that customers source their own flags.
Installation of one FlagTrax Flag $21.50
Removal of one FlagTrax Flag $21.50