Changes to your building project

Apply for an amendment to a building consent

If you wish to make a significant change to some aspect of your building project after your consent has been approved you will need to apply for an amendment to the Building Consent before the work is carried out.

The process for obtaining an amendment is the same as obtaining the original consent.

It is very important that at the time of inspection the Building Consent documents accurately reflect what has actually been built.

Minor Variations

If the change is small and does not significantly differ from the original approved plans and specifications, it can be considered for approval as a minor variation.

Minor variations may be approved on site at the time of inspection, or you can send information relating to the proposed changes with a written request through the Simpli portal or by email to quote the consent number and clearly label your request as a request for a minor variation. If the request is made by an agent, confirm the owner’s approval of the changes.

For more information about what is considered to be a minor alteration refer to the What is a minor variation? page on the MBIE website for more guidance.