Three Waters Reform update

Published on August 20, 2021


Councils across New Zealand have been given an eight-week period to get their heads around all of the data and information surrounding Three Waters Reform, and provide feedback on the impacts and possible variations to the proposed reform package outlined by government.

Many Councils have become more vocal about the reform process and the lack of time provided to engage their communities with the necessary information. Councils (local government) have a legal and moral requirement to understand community views and consult with their communities, particularly when strategic asset purchases or disposals are being considered.

“We agree with the overarching purpose of the Three Waters Reform Programme, which is to ensure New Zealand’s three waters, our drinking water, wastewater and stormwater services and infrastructure are planned, maintained and delivered so that they are affordable and fit for purpose. It has been a prerogative of our Council for many years.” says Horowhenua District Council CEO David Clapperton.

“What we need comfort in, is ensuring our district will not get overlooked in favour of those with more pressing needs. We are in a period of unprecedented growth, so we need assurances that we will not be disadvantaged if we opt into the reform programme.” says Clapperton.

Horowhenua District Council Mayor Bernie Wanden says “As representatives for our community, it is paramount that the voices of our community are heard and responded to. We know there are concerns around issues like water metering, additional charges and future privatisation. We want to make sure that our community has these concerns answered, feels well informed and understands the pros and cons of reform.”

As part of the Government’s proposal, they have worked with Council’s around New Zealand to collate the necessary data to build a clear understanding of three waters services in their districts. You can view Horowhenua District Council’s dashboard on the Te Tari Taiwhenua | Internal Affairs local dashboard - once in the dashboard, skip forward to page 5 and enter Horowhenua District Council in the search bar.

Visit Te Tari Taiwhenua | Internal Affairs - Three Waters Reform Programme for Government’s latest three waters reform information.

View our Three Waters Reform page for Horowhenua District Council’s summary of the Three Waters Reform Programme.

We will continue to keep our community updated, as we know more.