Council encourages the community to get involved in planting days

Published on September 21, 2021

News item thumbnail image for the planting days at Foxton Beach and Waikawa Beach.

Two upcoming planting days at Waikawa Beach and Foxton Beach aim to build foredune resilience and strengthen local ecosystems from the effects of climate change.

The Council-initiated events will see spinifex and pingao planted, both of which are indigenous plants to Aotearoa and excellent for forming dunes and dune stabilisation.

Waikawa Beach Planting Day on Saturday 25 September kicks off at 9am and will take place over two hours. Participants should meet at the Northern accessway at Reay MacKay Grove. Planting will take place along the edge of last year’s planting, for those that know the area. Snacks will be provided.

Foxton Beach Planting Day on Saturday 2 October kicks off at 9am and will finish around midday with a BBQ provided. See the map below for the meeting spot.

Council Officer Craig Kidd who will be managing the Waikawa Planting Day says “Last year with the help of community volunteers, we managed to plant approximately 2,500 native plants. These have had a tremendous impact on the stability of the foredunes at Waikawa Beach. We have a generous community of volunteers, who care about the environment and ensuring we take care of it. We’re looking forward to building on what was achieved last year.”

Council Officer Sean Hester who will be managing the Foxton Beach Planting Day says “We value our relationship with local community groups and enjoy collaborating with them to achieve great outcomes. Within the last year enthusiastic volunteers including families joined us for planting days in the dune areas. It was especially heartening to see our young people learning about the environment and feeling proud about giving back to their community and the land.”

Everyone is encouraged to participate.  We recommend you bring warm clothing, sturdy shoes, water, gloves and a spade if they have one (although some spades will be available and we will be drilling holes to make planting easier and quicker).

If rain persists, the events may be postponed until a further date. Keep an eye on Horowhenua District Council’s Facebook events page for updates.

Due to COVID-19, both events require a maximum of 100 people. QR scanning and a sign-in desk will be available and face coverings are recommended.

Pictured below: North beach track off Reay MacKay Grove, Waikawa Beach.

Image of North beach track off Reay MacKay Grove, Waikawa Beach.

Pictured below: Location map for the Foxton Beach Estuary Planting Day.

Location map for the Foxton Beach Estuary Planting Day on 2 October 2021.