Levin Wastewater Discharge

 The project has been completed. You can read more about the 25 year treated wastewater discharge resource consent that was granted by Horizons Regional Council 

The Pot receives all of Levin’s treated discharged wastewater as irrigation. Half the property is leased from Muaūpoko Land Trust and the other half owned by Council. Council also owns the property to the east which is currently leased for grazing.

The consent application for renewal of the Levin wastewater discharge was submitted in June 2018. The consent application is supported by extensive investigations that began in 2012 to determine the effects of wastewater at the site after near 30 years of operation.

The application includes 27 reports that detail the LWWLT and the effects it is having to the environment. A trial is being undertaken on 10 ha of the site to determine if irrigating wastewater onto Manuka/Kanuka dominated ecosystems will improve water quality in the Waiwiri Catchment. This trial is supported with funding from the Ministry for the Environment Freshwater Improvement Fund.

The consent process is part of a larger programme looking at the management of the site, irrigation redevelopment, replanting, mitigation of impacts on water quality and future planning.

Levin Wastewater Discharge.

Who are we working with?

Muaūpoko Tribal Authority and the Muaūpoko Land Trust.

More information

For more information about the project please view the Finance Audit & Risk Committee Meeting Agenda on the 24 of June 2020 for the last project update.