River Mouth Trail. Foxton Beach

River Mouth Trail - Family walking bikes along the beach's water edge.

Walk or ride the hard packed sand on the beach at mid to low tide, along the river and back to the surf club through parkland. 

Start at the beach car-park at the end of Ocean Beach St. Turn left going south on the beach, rounding the river mouth point and along the estuary. Follow vehicle access to the Foxton Motor Camp.

Cross into Holben Reserve, continuing to Signal St, near the café. Complete the loop back to the beach car park by turning left into Ocean Beach St.

This the length of the trail. 4.4km
Time needed to comfortably complete the trail. 1hr 10min

This is a walking track. Along this trail you are able to bike ride. Along this trail you are able to walk your dog. Along this trail you are able to horse ride.