Cousins Ave Track, Foxton Beach

3 Cousins Ave Reserves Trails - Walking or biking trail through trees.

This is a great family area for walking and mountain biking. The reserve is mature pine plantation, with 1.8km of shared trail suitable for beginner riders and kids. Additional mountain biking trails are located on adjacent privately owned forestry and can be accessed through the reserve.

Access: Family friendly walking and mountain biking trails through mature forestry. Main entrance and car park is the end of Cousins Ave West, with other access/egress points along Cousins Ave. Follow the signed loop trail within the forest, or explore side trails of easy grades for over 6km of mountain biking trails.

This the length of the trail. 4.4km
Time needed to comfortably complete the trail. 1hr 10min

This is a walking track. Along this trail you are able to bike ride. Along this trail you are able to walk your dog.