Residential properties

While some properties in the district are connected to the stormwater network – which Council is responsible for, most are not.

The District Plan requires all stormwater generated on a domestic property to be managed onsite. This means that, as far as possible, the stormwater coming off your roof or driveway must be disposed of in a soak-pit or water tank, or a combination of the two.

However, some residential properties back on to public open drains and stormwater from those properties flows into the public drains. It is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain the drain on their property. Under no circumstances should the drains or channels be filled in or piped as this can cause properties upstream to flood.

To find out about the stormwater network and your property please visit our Online Maps.

Your responsibilities

  • Maintain (and fix) your gutters and downpipes: If you notice leaves, twigs, or garbage blocking a gutter or downpipe on your property you will need to clear it out before it becomes a real problem during the next heavy rainfall – blockages can cause damage to your home.
  • Regularly carry out tree maintenance: By regularly checking the trees on your property, you can spot if roots are growing too close to pipes and if so, you will need to remove them. When planting trees please ensure they are well back from pipes and please do not plant trees on the berm outside your home.
  • Remove leaf litter: Every Autumn, deciduous trees lose their leaves – leaf litter can contribute to flooding during storm events as it clogs sumps and drains. Please pick up leaf litter on your property. Leaf litter makes great compost which helps ensure your plants to not dry out in summer – use the litter to make compost and reduce the need for summer watering. Or, you can put the leaf litter in your rubbish.
  • Contact Council if you need help: If a sump or drain is clogged with leaf litter and you are unable to clean it then please contact us by emailing or call 06 366 0999.
  • Help Keep Horowhenua Beautiful: If you see rubbish in the street or on the footpath then please pick it up, every little bit helps and prevents the litter from entering our waterways.